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Why collecting business cards makes sense

I came across a very nice blog post about why you should collect business cards. This is a short and to the point post that makes perfect sense to me.

“Even though I believe that one good conversation beats 100 business cards, collecting cards still has its place.”

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Great Examples of QR Codes on Business Cards

Using QR codes on your business cards can make them “stand-out” and are a real conversation starter. They also allow you to offer far more information than a traditional business card. QR stands for quick response and it’s a really easy way to get information using your mobile phone. You simply scan the QR code like you would a bar code and it brings up the information. For some phones you may need to download a free QR code reader, however most new phones already have QR code decoder capabilities.

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Yes, You Still Need Buisness Cards

In these days of BlackBerrys (Nasdaq: RIMM – News) and e-mail contact lists, the humble paper business card may look like a relic. Does passing them out signal you as hopelessly behind the curve?

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