Most estimates will be ready within 24 hours but may require longer. Please be patient as custom quotes can be time consuming.

  1. Please check our existing products before requesting a custom estimate. A custom order is a job that has quantities or specifications that are different than what is normally available. Typically these jobs are more expensive than the pre-quoted products on our website. Our pre-quoted products are inexpensive because many jobs share the same sheet when printed. Custom orders are usually run alone.
  2. Double-check that all the specifications you have selected are complete and correct. Custom estimates take time to build correctly. An incorrect estimate request will produce an incorrect estimate. If you forget an item, you will need to go back and create a new estimate. Our estimators cannot add or subtract items from your estimate request.
  3. See a similar product to what you need on the website? When possible, we recommend you conform your job to those specifications for maximum cost-effectiveness.
  4. Smaller size of a product we offer? No Problem, Same Price! As long as the product is the same size or smaller on one or both dimensions, just type in the size in "Custom Trim Size" window example: Choose 8.5x11 but type in 8.5x10.
  5. Can't find your Quantity Break? Often times it is less expensive to print your order to the next quantity, and recycle the unwanted quantity.
  6. If at all possible, conform your job to the "House Stock & Coatings" selections offered on our website.
  7. Will I receive an email notification? Yes, because we use a ticketing system for estimating you will always receive a notification when your estimate is ready. 
  8. Shipping Charges? As with all of our orders even custom estimates will recieve our Free Shipping!




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