Want to attract new customers as well as keep the old ones coming back? Promotional materials are the answer.

Promotional materials are typically small useful giveaways that can be used by most everyone. Items can include such things as mugs, pens, keychains, shirts and many more. Giving a promotional item will add instant credibility to your business and people love them. Especially when they are a quality item.

A lot of advertising today can be very costly. Many businesses can’t afford traditional advertising. Promotional materials are a way around this.

Just 100 giveaways of promotional materials may be seen by thousands of people over the lifetime of the product. Giving out items won’t just help to retain your current customer, it will also serve as free advertising for your business to many others as well.

As business owners, managers or marketing directors, brand recognition is what we all want to achieve, and one way to do this is to place your business in front of as many people as possible. Promotional materials used everyday are a great, inexpensive way to keep reminding people about your business. Given enough time, recognition for your brand will increase a lot.

Do you own an auto repair shop, an appointment reminder or special offer reminders on the side of a mug are a great way to keep your customers returning without spending additional money on advertising. If you own a bar, a bottle opener will do the same thing. Promotional materials help get you repeat business, and let you stand out above your competition.

Promotional materials, when used properly can be an effective way to keep your brand in front of you clients or potential clients and will keep them coming back.










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Yard Signs for Businesses

Yard signs are a great marketing tool for all types of businesses. Retail stores, warehouses, Realtors and offices can all benefit yard signs to increase business. From highlighting your address to hours or even advertising a special or sale, there are many ways to use yard signs at your business. Create large yard signs for way-finding and directions to different areas of your business. For retail stores, yard signs could feature current sales and special products. Yard signs make your business easier to find and reduce confusion. It’s easy to see how every business can use yard signs.

yard-signs-250x250Yard Signs Last a Long Time

Yard signs can be a one-time expense when proper care is taken. Ordering yard signs to use for your business will pay off for a long time. Corrugated plastic yard signs can be put away and stored when not in use. If you want to display the yard signs again for another event or sale, just take them out and place them in the lawn again. You can also choose metal signs for a more permanent sign. These metal signs will last much longer and look great! Whatever material you choose, you’re making a smart decision when you market with yard signs.

Yard Signs That Look Professional

Yard signs help get your business noticed. All of ProSource Printing’s yard signs use full-color printing, so they look great! Choose from standard sizes, or choose a custom trim size to get exactly what you need. We also off quantity discounts, so it’s affordable to get the quantity yard signs you need and within your budget. Upload your own design or use our graphic design services to create the perfect sign for your business. At ProSource Printing, we make it easy to start marketing with yard signs.

Yard signs are a marketing investment. Spotlight your business with yard signs from ProSource Printing. Orders ship fast, so start marketing your business with yard signs today!