On January 1, 2010, The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Oregon Ducks at “The Granddaddy of Them All”, the Rose Bowl. was ready for the game with photographer Brian Hendricks on board to make the trip to California in hopes to capture  a photograph worthy of producing a poster. contacted the Digital Dept. a week or so prior to the game to make sure they got into the schedule for all of the design work that goes into a poster of this caliber. The Digital Dept. was ready for the task at hand.

When Hendricks returned from the game, he had over 1500 photos to choose from! Sally and Larry over at worked with Hendricks to narrow the field down to a few dozen photographs and then ultimately down to two. But which one to choose? had us start working on the initial drafts of what was thought to be their final choice but it was clear early on that they would have to produce two posters. Yes two!
A few days later, and many hours of editing, revisions and proofs and we have two of the finest Ohio State Rose Bowl posters around! Click to see both of these new Rose Bowl posters. is family owned and began as a custom framing business some 25 years ago. Being in Buckeye Country, they created the website in 2003, after Ohio State won the 2002 National Football Championship as demand for OSU prints grew. Shipping nationwide allowed displaced Buckeye fans around the country an outlet to purchase prints they couldn’t find in their hometowns. Inquiries started coming in from fans of other colleges looking for similar prints of their schools. They soon added other colleges, pro sports, golf and NASCAR. Could you tell they LOVE sports! is licensed with The Ohio State University and have published to date 10 exclusive Ohio State posters.

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We have several licensed Ohio State posters and a Columbus poster that we sell wholesale to local retail stores. We’ve been looking for a way for these stores to sell them rolled loose, not in a frame or flat like we have done previously.  We were recently asked again about this from, the online framed sports prints site.  After brainstorming for a bit, we came up with this solution-

Each display holds approximately 70 posters yet only takes up one square foot of retail space. If you’re in retail, you know how important this is!  To get one if these displays in your store, please contact

If you need printing or design work, please contact us by leaving a comment below or visiting our website at

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When choosing a style of photography for your products, you need to consider the potential buyer’s opinion of what they find interesting and appealing; what one buyer finds professional, another may find bland or boring. And if you are doing this to improve your SEO score, I would recommend you have a peek at these guys, as the content to learn there is in abundance. So in a world saturated with banal and boring imagery, making it increasingly difficult to get noticed on the web, the goal is to maintain a balance between creativity and professionalism while still producing a flawless photograph of the product.

Poor photography will communicate to the customer that you don’t care about your products. Unique photography is the key to standing out and showing customers that you’re serious about how you look and what you’re selling. Each product has traits that need to be emphasized and therefore every picture should be customized per item. If all your product shots are the same one after another, the customer will tire of looking and move on, however, if you use interesting photos and give the customer an opportunity to interact with or use their imagination to affect an image, it will stimulate a more responsive reaction. People notice time and effort, and they will be more willing to expend energy paying attention to details of each photograph if someone else did as well.

Poor preparation is obvious and can make or break a picture. Whether it’s ironing t-shirts, cleaning off glass or rearranging lighting, every product needs to be properly prepared before it’s photographed. Beside proper preparation and technical acumen, there is really no way someone can say that one style is right or wrong, but what is best for the customer and product.
Photographing a t-shirt on a person can be better than putting that t-shirt on a mannequin, but it has to be a fitting model. It wouldn’t make sense to throw a Bob Marley tee on a metal head, unless it was in jest. In the same vein, it also wouldn’t make sense to have a female college student wearing a fairy princess necklace for adolescents.

It’s very important that your photos makes sense and are appropriate for your target demographic. When a 14 year old girl sees another teen wearing something that piques her interest, while in a setting she can relate to, her impulse is to buy or at the least consider. So in addition to the product, the surroundings are an important element of the photo, creating an organic selling environment to entice buyers with this pre-designed lifestyle image. In the end, customers want to feel that others are buying the same products they are; and a photo with said product in an appropriate setting is a good way to create that illusion.

Great photos let you show your customers and clients the benefits and key features of your product. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a great picture is worth ten times that when it increases sales, promotes your brand and distinguishes you from the competition.

Seen a great photo lately? Share it with us!