What is one of the best printed pieces you can incorporate into your marketing? What has a proven track record of delivering a return? How can you generate new business without going broke?

Postcards. Not only are they one of the most practical marketing tools, they’re a real workhorse for businesses of all sizes. Here are 6 reasons for marketing with postcards.

postcards1. Inexpensive – Dollar for dollar postcards are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you will find. Print ’em, address ’em, stamp ’em and you’re good to go! No envelope required. And, since they’re smaller than a traditional letter, you’ll spend less money on postage. With the low cost of postcards and the advent of EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) you can mail to a larger number of recipients at a lower cost.

2. They’re small (at least that can be) – Postcards get your message across in few words. They are perfect for grand openings, announcements and special promotions. A call to action or expiration date are a must to guarantee a response!

3. Versatile – Postcards can be delivered direct mail, as event flyers, bulletin board advertisements, leave them on tables as clients exit your business, and the list goes on. Postcards can be used with multiple delivery methods, therefore doubling or even tripling your marketing efforts and reducing your costs!

4. Size – Postcards come in a variety of sizes. While a 5″ x 7″ or a 6″ x 9″ are the most common, ProSource Printing can make postcards most any size you want. EDDM postcards are only eligible when using these sizes.

Round corner cards.5. Stand out – Want to make your postcard really stand out? Add round corners! Round corners are an inexpensive way to make your marketing different from the rest. Add round corners to one corner, two, three or all four!

6. Marketing for all to see – Since postcards don’t have to be opened and the information is (generally) for the public, more than just the intended recipient is bound to se the postcard.You message gets seen by all, therefore increasing your chances of a greater return!


WHS Class of 1984 postcards

WHS Class of 1984 postcards.