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The Sadoru Corporate cards were designed to be used by anyone in the company and therefore don’t have any one person’s name or phone number. See their personalized cards here. The front is the Sadoru logo along with their tag line, 800 number and website URL. The back was designed to be written on for notes or price quotes and has a screened logo. Both the front and back of the cards are in a matte finish but the front has a Spot UV coating added just to selected areas, in this case the logo and text.

Dublin Scioto


Dublin Scioto

Dublin Scioto High School football team had us layout and produce blank DVD’s for the coach to burn the season’s highlights movie onto. It’s a 4 color printed DVD with a 4 color outer cover. The cover design wraps around showing the season schedule on the back.

Since business cards are on sale this week, we thought we’d show you some ideas.

These business cards examples use minimalism both in color scheme and design elements. Only the most important information is included in the design with lots of white or empty space . Most of these cards are black and white only. To make these monochromatic cards stand out, we can use special finishing such as UV coating, spot UV or silk coating.

If you would like more details about business cards such as pricing, turnaround time, or for a detailed quote, please visit or email us anytime.

Sale ends 05/29/10. 20% off 4 color business cards. Use coupon code SAVE20BC at checkout at

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