Full color foil gives you a wide range of colors with a sparkling foil finish and a true foil reflection that is priced right! Our state-of-the-art features allow you to produce large solid areas, gradients, and have multiple colors of foil on the same design.

I came across a very nice blog post about why you should collect business cards. This is a short and to the point post that makes perfect sense to me.

“Even though I believe that one good conversation beats 100 business cards, collecting cards still has its place.”

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Did you know you can place a single order with ProSourcePrinting.com and have it divided up and shipped to multiple locations? Let’s say you have a client with 10 locations across the country and each location needs 1,000 brochures, you don’t need to place 10 different orders. Simply place an order for 10,000 brochures and supply 10 different shipping addresses. You save money by combining 10 different orders into just one order.

Another smart way to use this service is to have samples of an order sent to you while the rest of the order is sent to your client. Because ProSource Printing overprints on orders over 500 units, your client will still get their full order even if you have up to 20 samples sent to you.

Keep these options in mind when you place your next order. Additional Shipping charges will apply.

In these days of BlackBerrys (Nasdaq: RIMM – News) and e-mail contact lists, the humble paper business card may look like a relic. Does passing them out signal you as hopelessly behind the curve?

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This is an example of our Spot UV coating option. Basically your printed item, in this case business cards, start out with no coating on them and then we add a gloss UV coating only in the areas you specify. This enables you to draw attention to specific areas or highlight certain items.

In the case of our cards shown here, we used the gloss coating over an area with nothing underneath (black on our cards). The result is a sort of ghosted logo that is shiny.

Ask for Spot UV coating on your next project!