Are you looking for a way to get more business with a small budget? Gorgeous and Stuff Yard signs are a great way to get more business with a minimal investment. Follow this steps to get started:

1. Determine your sign campaign

Yard signs aren’t just for contractors or home service providers. Any business can take advantage of yard signs when you properly plan your campaign.

2. Create a plan by answering these questions:

  • What’s your call to action? Do you want the audience to visit your store, your website, call a number or simply remember your company?
  • Who is your target audience, and where is the best place to reach them? A busy intersection, specific neighborhoods, business districts, or all of these?
  • Do you need permission to place yard signs where you want?
  • Will you give a special offer, discount, sale, freebie or other incentive to respond?
  • How many yard signs do you need, and who will distribute them?
  • What is the ultimate goal of your yard sign campaign? Can you track it?

Answering these questions will help you determine your yard sign design, printing and distribution. Put together a strategy now to yield excellent ROI from your yard sign campaign.

3. Design your yard signs

Yard sign design should be simple. If you are out to banners and flags, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Determine the overall size(s) and use plenty of white space.
  • Limit the amount of text and use plenty of white space.
  • Use large, easy-to-read typefaces and use plenty of white space.
  • Use contrasting colors so your yard signs stand out and use plenty of white space.
  • Photos and illustrations can help get attention, as long as they’re relevant and you use plenty of white space.
  • Use a call to action so customers know what to do next and leave plenty of white space around it.
  • Use plenty of white space.

4. Printing your yard signs

Once you’ve finalized the design, the next step is to print your yard signs. Here are a few things to consider when going to print:

  • The bigger your yard signs are, the easier they’ll be to see.
  • Will you print both sides of your yard signs, or just on one?
  • Corrugated white plastic will make your designs stand out and withstand most weather conditions.
  • The more yard signs you print at once, the lower your price per yard sign will be. It makes sense to print in bulk.

5. Distribute your yard signs

It’s best to get your yard signs into the following places depending on your target audience:

  • High-traffic intersections
  • Targeted neighborhoods
  • Businesses
  • Homes you’ve serviced (lawn care, painters, contractors)
  • Neighboring cities
  • Be sure get permission to place your yard signs on private property, and consult local ordinances.

Using this 5 steps will help you plan, design, print, and distribute yard signs that will promote your brand and help elevate your business.

ROI_jpg_500×332_pixelsYou’ve put together a great marketing campaign and your ready to go to print. But how will you track it? Can you track it?

The answer is yes! You already know you can track a web page, an email and most social media posts. Why not track your print marketing materials the same way? While you can’t track print media with the same degree of certainty as email campaigns, you can still track for very clear results whether your printed items are generating a good return on investment.

Adding a way to track your print marketing, a measurable way of follow-up is essential. A few ways to do this would be:

  • a QR code that takes users to a tracked landing page for your offer
  • a tear-card that serves as a coupon for your product or event
  • a coupon code to use online or give over the phone
  • a special phone number to call specific to the campaign
  • add “Ask for JoAnn” even though there isn’t a JoAnn working there

All of the above examples offers you a way to track and measure responses. To determine your ROI you simply need to track the response rate and revenue generated. Once you know your ROI, you can repeat the campaign with minor adjustments like changing the targeted area of distribution, altering the coupon or offer, or changing the landing page.

When you vary tracking details from one campaign to the next, you’ll be building an ROI database that you can use to best target your future campaigns.


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ProSource_Printing_flyer_designDon’t Use Templates

It goes without saying that getting a company like ProSource Printing is key to getting top quality prinitng cards but before that having a great design is key too, so it’s really important to steer clear of using templates. You don’t want to look like everyone else in your industry. Hiring a professional designer will help your marketing stand out from the crowd, as well as keeping your marketing looking professional. Would you trust a company that skimps on its own marketing?

Know Your Market

You’ve spent some time and money designing a great marketing piece, so how do get it into the hands of the right audience? Research. If you’re mailing flyers for instance, you should either have a clean list of names and addresses that you know are potential clients or, know that the area you are mailing to has a predominance of your target audience. For example, you don’t want your flyers going to a zip code full of offices if your offering home cleaning services. Canvassing an area is a whole other story.


If you’re mailing your marketing, consider adding personalization or making it a personalized letter. Personalized marketing is more likely to be read.

Offer and Expiration

A call-to-action is a must in print. Unless you’re advertising the date of an upcoming event, you want your potential client to act upon something (think RSVP, newsletter subscription or “Buy Now and receive a Special Bonus”). You need to compel the potential customers to act now before it’s too late. This helps your piece perform more quickly and helps prevent it from going into trash.

Measure Performance

Every marketing piece you send out should have a unique landing page, a QR code or even as simple “Ask for Gina” next to your phone number (even though you don’t employ anyone named Gina). You’ll be able to track the performance and will help you make decisions on what may need changed for the next time you send it out.

Track and Repeat

Now that you have the data from your previous marketing efforts, put it to use. Make changes, contact the designer for any necessary edits, and distribute your materials again. Most importantly, stay in front of your clients and stand out from the competition!


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